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For many, Asian food in Connecticut is a welcome adventure. Known for its rich flavors, bold spices, and warm hospitality, Indian cuisine has been one of the highlights of many dining experiences. For those who can muster up the courage to riddle their tongue with spice-singed holes in return for true homestyle Southern flavor, Marina Indian Restaurant is definitely a meal not be missed.

Our purpose is simple and bold—to redefine how Indian restaurants taste, feel, and look. Our founding values consist of providing clean and heart-warming food prepared with ethical practices with a huge importance on our team members and our guests. We believe the happiness that comes from feeding souls is worth sharing. We strive to positively impact the communities we live in and constantly practice our values.

We at Marina Indian have created a warm setting filled with elements to relax you to the core. Our well thought out Indian menu is created to transport you on a culinary journey to different states and regions of India. We have included a wide variety of dishes which go beyond standard offerings from any other Indian restaurant.

We serve food for everybody—vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, spicy and non-spicy eaters, guests who prefer not to eat dairy or gluten, and everyone in between.

At Marina Indian as a best indian restaurants in connecticut we serve fresh, tasty and spicy Indian food prepared using fresh herbs, garam masalas made in-house combined with rich flavors from ginger and garlic. We are about staple Indian curries from different regions of India, mughal inspired rice preparations and tadoori breads, baked fresh in our oven.


Consuming Raw or Undercooked Egg or Meats may increase your risk of food borne illness. Please let your waiter know if you like your food Mild, Medium or Spicy. Please let your waiter know if you have Dairy, Nuts, Seafood or Any Allergies. All our Poultry and Meat Products are Halal